30/05: Another 2 dives

Dive on Havheksen
Dive on Havheksen

Still no good viz, but got close to 2 hours traning in my drysuit

04/05: 10 degrees and lousy viz

Even looking cool from the back
What's up with the short hose?
But still, great to be back under water. Went with 3 buddies in wetsuit - but they did just fine despite the cold water. Expect to do another dive later this month.....fingers crossed.

27/09: I so miss the adventure..

Lates make bubbles

When will someone take me to the Red Sea?

15/08: Just trying to pass time...

I came across this article about a record dive.....I'm impressed.

05/08: I want to get married....again

....and this time I want to go on a honeymoon.
Bloody stinking Manta rays
Chris my divebuddy from down under, has just returned from 14 days on the Maldives.....this photo is apparently from dive 1, and the following dives only got better......that bastard!!! Well I had a dive yesterday.....I saw lots and lots and lots of seagrass......yeahhhhh!

15/05: I think I'll stick to the max 40m mark.....allthough the He could help on my deep voice

This is really funny, and the fact that it is close to the Equator really puts Nordic diving in to perspective. Check this link and see and hear what really intelligent divers talk about when going deep.

10/04: Been there, done that

Weather was 6, wind 10m/s, cloudy, sporadic showers, water was 4-6, depth 7.8 meters, time 32 minutes, chill factor......pretty warm :o)
First coldwater dive

Had a dive Saturday - viz about 4-5 meters, dive buddies were all geared up with stagebottles, camcorder and cameras, twintanks, spare masks etc. They are training for a dive to 75 on a wreck near Bornholm :o)
Despite my 30 pounds of weight and a 12L steeltank, I was still a bit light trying to get down, next time I'll add another 4 pounds.
Fun never the less, found several bicycles, a safe with a big hole in the back, various tools and a lot of green water.
I think my biggest problem was trying to clean my gear back home in that tiny apartment of ours, with the even smaller bathroom......we'll need to find something bigger if this diving thing in Denmark really kicks off.
But for anyone interested, it's started, come join me - let's go diving :o)

24/03: Yeah baby

A 2 hour visit to Sweden and I'm almost ready to go:
Me and my dui All ready to go....when the computer is back :o)

10/02: 3 down 2 to go!

Yesterday Chris and I went to Bare Island and had 2 very nice dives - despite the fact that my computer crashed 60 minutes in to the first dive. As the conservative diver I am!!! I had my backup and all was good. I was a bit upset though, as it has now broken 3 times in as many months. The manufacturer has now promised to change all the internal parts, and it'll be back in the shop tomorrow. Today a last visit to Shelly was on the agenda. We only had 1 tank each, never the less we managed to make a record 125 minute dive. Starting on the right side, going around the corner, then going back to the turn and headed South to the left wall and back to shore.
Just recently I dived with Phil and Chan on their last dive on Shelly.....guys, now I know what it feels like :o(

23/01: Dive buddies are back

2 of the greatest dive buddies are back, Chris and Sarah are visiting, and despite jetlag??? we went out for a double dive on Shelly yesterday. Pregnant Wobbigongs, Weedy seadragon, Mooray eel, Giant cuttle fish, Dusky whalers, Octopus, Squids and much much more.....what more can you ask for :o)