15/08: It happened again

and they say size dont matter? I remember when Shirley Road looked like this
Another hailstorm hit Sydney.....just like when we were there, while back in Denmark we are now getting all the rain we fell short of during June and July :o)
Now it'd be nice with some more sun!!!.....and a baby

24/07: Some pictures uploaded

Finally some pix on the net. I've uploaded some from our trip to Tasmania and from our trip to Kangaroo Island. Enjoy - and feed back is as allways welcome.

12/02: Sharks'n BBQ

Yesterday ended in great style on Shelly Beach - Thanks to everyone showing up to our BBQ. Despite a couple of mosquito bites and a hangover today everything went fine.
In fact, yesterday everything went fine. My last dives in Australia (for a while) were better than I could wish for. Blue sky, light breeze and 15-25 meters viz at Magic Point. Plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks, some of them even came out of the cave to play and eat. One of them were close enough to be touched (I had no desire to do so), another grabbed a large tuna, bit it's tale of and ate all of it in 20 seconds...sweet :o)
Todays tasks - clean Jespers apartment, pack and maybe a quick trip to the city.

09/02: Taste of Denmark

Back from Tasmania and trying to get warm again. Well, not exactly true - but Tassie does remind a lot about Denmark in Summer.....wind, rain, changing weather etc. Never the less, we really enjoyed our trip. We started in Launceston and went down the west coast to Cradle Mountain
Tigersnake, one of the most venemous snakes in Australia .
Then we continued on to Strahan where we went for a little cruise.
Sweet little thing and the night sky and silence was over whelming
Next stop was a farm close to Hamilton where we spent the night on a housebout. We agreed we'll have to explore the houseboat vacation further at a later stage. Finally we ended up in Hobart and from there we spent a day in Port Arthur and ? a day wine tasting :o)
More pictures are to come later when I get my pc back with all my own software!!!

Sunset from Strahan, western Tasmania Dolphins jumping around our boat on the cruise The classic waterfall

30/01: Getting closer to the end

Today there's 2 weeks to go before we're getting on the flight back to DK. Until now we've been relaxing and taking it very easy especially these last couple of days. Wednesday we're off to Tassie, where we'll be driving around seeing the westcoast of Australias largest Island. Upon our return we'll have 4 days - hopefully with a bit more diving on my part.
It's very strange to get so close to our departure.....I keep wondering what awaits us in DK.

21/01: Why did they change the rules?

Ok, so maybe life was tough in the 'old' days, but apparently also much simpler. I.e. with clear guidelines to teachers how could you ever doubt the dedication?
The guidelines for the teachers working on Kangaroo Island in 1872

The rules 4 and 8 I especially like :o)

20/01: A kind of a sad day

Everything is gone....all our stuff have now been picked up by the removal company and.........the car is sold :o(
Our beautiful sweet sweet car is gone - despite the fact that we are now driving a cool 4wd it was sad to see it go.
We've also just returned from 2 days in Adelaide and 2 days on Kangaroo island. KI was cool, lots of wild life, very nice guide and great experiences. Adelaide have nice wine and food....but 1 day is enough.
Pictures from our trip might be here later, if not you'll have to wait till I get my PC in DK.....hmmmmmm 8,10, 12, 20 weeks from now?

Btw. our phone is also disconnected by know so if you need us, call on our mobiles or send an email :o)

14/01: Hectic days

Current status is:
We've moved out of the appartment.
All our things are sold.
Deposit has been taken on the car.
We're now living in Jespers appartment :o)
We are very tired!

So, on Monday we are going to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island - returning Thursday evening. Friday morning the removal company will pack and uplift all the stuff going to DK. Friday the new owner of our lovely Saab will come pick it up, and finally we will return the keys to the real estate agency and it will all be a done deal.
Tonigh I'm off to done a night dive, and tomorrow we're returning to make the inventory and insurance list .
Boy oh boy, it's really going fast now.

08/01: What's up

So, latest news is all our stuff here in Sydney is sold.
A couple from Norway came to inspect the apartment, and before they left they had an offer on our items for sale.
This is now confirmed so we are very happy.
Today I should have been diving at Magic Point with Aasa, but they cancelled the spot due to high sea.
Instead we had a leasure float around Fairlight, and then we'll try MP again next weekend. I really really want to dive with Grey Nurse Sharks before we leave.