25/11: We're home

The sisters have met, and we have had our first night just the 4 of us.
I think Tina and I have some long sleepless nights ahead of us ;o)
at home

23/11: Then they were 4....

Around midnight on 21 November Tina started having labour and around 4 in the morning we went to the hospital. Everything was fine and we went more or less straight to the delivery room. With a fair bit of pain but without any problems our new baby girl was born 06.17 on 22 November 2007.

Newborn Feeding time Time to  grow
Kris's mom Tinas family Tinas dad
Tinas sister and family Proud dad Not to forget the big one
Job well done
She is very pretty (dads words) weighs about 3400 gram and measures 52 cm. She's got more hair than Lea, blue eyes and sleeps a lot. Tina and I were both pretty tired afterwards, and I managed to get some sleep during the day, and Tina rested well in the afternoon. First night we spent all 3 at the hospital, and today I'm out and around sorting out last things for transportation and setup at the house. I'll return later today and the 2 sisters will meet for the first time. Lea has a cold, so they didn't meet yesterday. Tomorrow Tina and the little new will return home and we'll start a new life as a family of 4 :o)

13/11: We have moved

2 hectic weekends and 2 hectic days off and everything was done. We have moved in to our house and are now trying to get used to our new accomodation. Lea has got her own room, we have a nice kitchen with a place to eat, 1 large combined livingroom and bedroom, 1 cellar with 50 boxes filled with stuff!!? and lot's and lot's of things everywhere around the floor.
We're happy, we're tired and we're gratefull towards everyone who helped: Leif, Vivi, Hanne, Pia, Lars, Dorte, Lars, Else Margrethe, Jesper, S?ren, Hanne, S?ren and Anders - sorry if I missed any.
Our new address will be sent out by email one of the coming days.