27/09: 5 week check

No doubt who the father is =o)
First the official part: We went to the doctor today for Leas 5 week check. Everything is fine, she now weighs 5kg and measures 59cm.
Now the funny part: Earlier today, we went for a small lecture on babies, books and baby talk....yes I know...very interesting.
It turned out, that I found myself in a room with 1 health visitor, 1 librarian 12 babies and 13 mothers. For a young man such as myself, it's a pretty scary experience - diapers, screams, kids crawling everywhere and lots of big breasts being exposed every second minute. The biggest problem however, was actually hearing what the librarian said (thus confirming my genes have changed after having a kid).

26/09: She's got a name

Lea is her name, you got a problem with that?
It took just over 5 weeks for us to agree on a name, but eventually we managed to find the right one. I guess that could be a reason for not having another child - it's not easy finding the right name. Never the less, here we are, mom and dad are happy, let's see what she will say in the years to come. Well, enough of all this - her name is Lea Groth Dahlgaard and with this we are now facing our next discussion - is she going to be baptized or not?!

20/09: How about that, more than a week without updates!

2nd and 4th generation
More than 7 days without pictures and blog updates....not bad for a new dad :o)
Well, everything is going very well. She is still behaving nicely and sleeps perfectly all tired mom and dad here. We spent the weekend at the summerhouse, introducing the 4th generation and it was all success.
Still no one leaving comments or entries in the guestbook :o(

12/09: First family photo with all 3

All three happy and 2 of us awake...what more can you ask for.
Did it really have to take this long? My dear cousin paid us a visit today, and she (as many others) asked for a photo where we all 3 are present. The photo was taken on the spot, and isn't she a great photographer?
I can see from the statistics there is quit a few visitors, but no one seems to bother leaving a comment in the blog or sign our guestbook - why is that?

08/09: A few more photos

40 more pics
Sorry, can't help myself. I do however promise I will try and behave in the time to come, and slow down the heave photo sessions I have with our girl. It's just so damn difficult - she's so cute isn't she?
Well, photos from week 2 and 3 are now uploaded and again a warning.....if you've seen enough pictures of her already then don't go here.

06/09: Just about there

Well, the website update seems to go fairly well, and most things are now the way I want them to be. Still, if you come across errors or find missing links etc. please let me know.

04/09: Growing steadily

The activity level is increasing as well
Today we had another visit by the health visitor (da: sundhedsplejerske), and she had another look at our little girl. Everything is looking good and she is now 56cm and weighs 4300g so she is growing rapidly. With all the food and sleep she gets no wonder :o)

01/09: Fire fire fire....or at least a fair bit of smoke

Burned out washingmachine
We've got a new washing machine!
Yesterday Tina found smoke coming from the washer, and due to a fair age of aproximately 20 years, we decided to buy a new one.
Now we can clean all the dirty diapers in a rush and I'm sure at a much lower cost :o)