28/08: More photos for all the happy campers

It seems like a never ending photo shoot. The first week has passed very well being a family of 3. We've had a few guests stopping by already, and due to several requests some of the photos are now uploaded for public screening. Enjoy.
Baby girl photo series
Ps. Should you already by know have seen enough of the girl (still unnamed), just ignore this post and the photo album.

25/08: Day 8

What has happened since our return with our girl? Well, firstly the grandparents have paid a visit or two since and so have a couple of friends. Our girl has until now adjusted very easily - and she sleeps through most of the night and day. She eats well and soils a fair amount of diapers.
Her hearing has been tested and it was all good, so no excuse for her to not listen to her parents :o)
Tina is healing nicely as well, although not quite fit enough to do any cooking, cleaning or shopping!!!?
We've also had a visit of a home nurse (kind of), who comes by to check the baby and have a general talk. This happened yesterday, and the official weight is now 3700g. For those who have not yet read books on becoming a parent, it's quite normal for a newborn to loose weight after birth. However it should be back at its birth weight within 10-12 days - and with her appetite, I'm sure well make it.

Dad and daughter chilling out
There's been a couple of complaints about only 1 picture of dad and daughter. Well, the logical explanation for this is - he's the one behind the camera - never the less, here's one more....sorry for those of you who think he spoils the picture :o)

Last I'd just like to add one comment about that little last piece of umbilical cord which is left on the stomach. What happens is that it starts to go black, rot and shrink until it falls of by itself. This process is fine with me, however the smell of the rotting flesh I could certainly do without. The odor has spread throughout our apartment, and you don't know if she's done number 2 or not, cause the smell is just really really bad. Luckily the piece we have enjoyed for the last week came off yesterday, and this has really improved the joy of changing diapers :o)

21/08: Why does it allways have to be PINK

Yes, we've got a girl and we're happy. One think that can really get me up the chair is the damn baby clothes. Why do boys have to wear blue and girls pink????
I'm not all against pink, but a different color once in a while doesn't turn her blind!

Pink is really not my color and I've spread the news around in my family as well, just so they know not to buy to much pink clothes for the new born. Never the less, we are 4 days from when she was born and look what I just pulled out of the washer!......BUY SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN PINK IF YOU WISH TO BRING HER CLOTHES........please!

21/08: No, we haven't decided on a name yet

....but we will soon.

19/08: ...and then they were 3....

The waiting is over and we've become parents. Hard to believe but the fact is never the less that we are now 3 people living in our apartment. Everyone is doing well - we've all get a fair bit of sleep, the breastfeeding is working well and the grandparents are all excited. For the full story of the birth, check out the link below (read more), and for a visual rundown of the last and first hours around the birth click here

Read More!

18/08: Baby girl born

17 August 11.34, 3900g,, daughter and dad are all doing well.
More details later :o)

16/08: No kid today

Tomorrow they will make another effort in kick-starting the this is a long waiting periode.

15/08: Just trying to pass time...

I came across this article about a record dive.....I'm impressed.

15/08: It happened again

and they say size dont matter? I remember when Shirley Road looked like this
Another hailstorm hit Sydney.....just like when we were there, while back in Denmark we are now getting all the rain we fell short of during June and July :o)
Now it'd be nice with some more sun!!!.....and a baby

15/08: It must be really really nice in there

At the hospital they have today tried to kickstart the birth, but the baby just won't come out. Maybe something will happen later today or tonight, otherwise another attempt will be done tomorrow......I wonder if I'll ever become a dad?

14/08: Still waiting....but not for long

Something tells it will happen very soon....probably tomorrow!!!
[Cryptic, I know :o)]

12/08: .....and waiting....

Still no news, maybe another visit with the midwife on Monday will escalate the little thing.
Tina really wants to give birth soon - her belly is about to burst, and I want someone to play with.
Who said patience is a virtue?

10/08: 10th August 2006

It should be today, but no indications the baby wants to come out and play.

09/08: We're still waiting

Still no baby. Tomorrow will be exactly 40 weeks we've been waiting, and Tina is about to burst. Monday we saw the midwife again, this time she estimated the kid to be 34-3500g and everything still looks, we'll just wait :o)
I'm still working on updating the website, so there might still be problems, let me know if you come across any. There is so much PHP and CSS to look out for, and lots of it I don't even understand, which equals lots of testing!!!

05/08: I want to get married....again

....and this time I want to go on a honeymoon.
Bloody stinking Manta rays
Chris my divebuddy from down under, has just returned from 14 days on the Maldives.....this photo is apparently from dive 1, and the following dives only got better......that bastard!!! Well I had a dive yesterday.....I saw lots and lots and lots of seagrass......yeahhhhh!

01/08: News from the midwife

Baby is now about 31-3200 grams and everything looks fine. We're waiting.