30/07: Updating the design

Sunset at the beachhouse
I'm working hard (yeah right) on simplifying the design of our website, so please have patience with me if something is not working. Currently I'm working on all the photos, and should you come across pictures where you find any problems, please do not hesitate to let me know.

26/07: Now I've got our wedding photos uploaded

Perfectly aligned with the curves of our Weber BBQ
Go have a look here.
Tina is getting bigger for every day, and now she is in perfect harmony with our BBQ. The picture is from our beachhouse, where we've spent severaldays this summer.

24/07: Some pictures uploaded

Finally some pix on the net. I've uploaded some from our trip to Tasmania and from our trip to Kangaroo Island. Enjoy - and feed back is as allways welcome.

21/07: Connection

Yeah baby, 2mb at home and's like getting back to the civilisation.....I bet I will Skype more frequently from now on.

03/07: Maternity leave and no job

So, time for a 2 week update I guess.
Unfortunately a job fell through the other day, it could have been really interesting, but I'll see if I can manage in the most wonderfull of Danish summer :o)
Tina has finally finished her job, and is now looking forward to spending some time, getting ready for the arrival of the little new.
Everything is according to everyone looking perfect, the baby is growing (it's apparently already pretty big), and besides some swollen feet Tina has no complaints.
Next week we expect to chill out at the beach house, doing some fishing, swimming, BBQ etc.
Call me if you want to join :o)