26/05: Fingers crossed

Monday between 12 and 17 our goods from Australia is finally scheduled to arrive.
It was packed and sent off 10th January, so it's taken some time to arrive, and I really hope not to much is last time.
Hopefully much more and great news next week.

15/05: I think I'll stick to the max 40m mark.....allthough the He could help on my deep voice

This is really funny, and the fact that it is close to the Equator really puts Nordic diving in to perspective. Check this link and see and hear what really intelligent divers talk about when going deep.

08/05: What ever happened to Spring?

I was almost getting used to the cold weather, but now all of a sudden summer is here.
The last week we've had clear blue skies - and yesterday it was 26 the shade!!!!!
With all this sunlight, the women in Denmark are working on their tan - and what a great sight that is :o)
Today my moms summerhouse should be ready, and we are heading up there tomorrow morning - checking out the new expansion. I'm looking forward to invite people up there, close to the sea and the great environment.

02/05: 3 months and counting....

My dear wife is getting bigger every day. We are now at minus 3 months and 8 days.....if delivery is on schedule :o)
Great excuse to buy new clothes!