23/03: There's something rotten in the state of Denmark....

...causing me to become sick all the time. We've been home just over 5 weeks and I'm now sick for the second time. Cold, cough, sore muscles (yes, I have some) etc for the last 3 days - but now I'm bouncing back. That probably means I'll have to start the job search again :o)

10/03: Everything is going so fast

Well, it has stopped snowing, but it can still get down to -10 at night (yes, minus 10 degrees celcius), which is pretty cold.
Besides that, I'm still unemployed - trying to enjoy it as much as possible, 1 year older, the baby has started kicking and I'm going to Sweden in a couple of weeks to pick up my drysuit :o)
So, who want to go diving in April???

07/03: 3 weeks and it's still snowing

Spring started officially 1 March, but it has snowed everyday since.
I wonder if there'll still be snow when I try my new drysuit!!!!!