25/02: Still not convinced

Ok, today we have a blue sky, fresh air, not to cold and Denmark is a really beautiful place.
I also have a cold (4th day), still unemployed, no diving in the near future and everything seems very expensive.
I'm still debating if we should just pack the suitcases again and head off somewhere warmer. However, with the coming expansion I guess I have to adjust to the climate here, buy a drusuit, get a job and find a bigger place to live.

20/02: It's cold and white

Cold, but a beautiful day to wake up to
We've had plenty of snow ever since our return to Copenhagen. We've also been up from 3 some mornings - it's not easy getting rid of jetlag when there's no work waiting for you. Saturday friends and family joined us at BarDutski for drinks, and it was good to meet everyone again. I had a minor hangover from Friday evening where I was out with Jesper, S?ren, Thomas and more - however I was not home at 6 like some others :o)

16/02: Back in Denmark

24 hours flying is still no fun, but it did get us all the way to Denmark. Thanks to Chris for meeting us in Sydney airport, thanks to S?ren for meeting us in Bangkok airport and thanks to the family for meeting us AND bringing wither clothes in Copenhagen airport.
We've now got new phone numbers, so SMS and calls should be made to: Tina +45 5014 7993 and Kristian +45 5014 7991.