09/02: Taste of Denmark

Back from Tasmania and trying to get warm again. Well, not exactly true - but Tassie does remind a lot about Denmark in Summer.....wind, rain, changing weather etc. Never the less, we really enjoyed our trip. We started in Launceston and went down the west coast to Cradle Mountain
Tigersnake, one of the most venemous snakes in Australia .
Then we continued on to Strahan where we went for a little cruise.
Sweet little thing and the night sky and silence was over whelming
Next stop was a farm close to Hamilton where we spent the night on a housebout. We agreed we'll have to explore the houseboat vacation further at a later stage. Finally we ended up in Hobart and from there we spent a day in Port Arthur and ? a day wine tasting :o)
More pictures are to come later when I get my pc back with all my own software!!!

Sunset from Strahan, western Tasmania Dolphins jumping around our boat on the cruise The classic waterfall

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