20/01: A kind of a sad day

Everything is gone....all our stuff have now been picked up by the removal company and.........the car is sold :o(
Our beautiful sweet sweet car is gone - despite the fact that we are now driving a cool 4wd it was sad to see it go.
We've also just returned from 2 days in Adelaide and 2 days on Kangaroo island. KI was cool, lots of wild life, very nice guide and great experiences. Adelaide have nice wine and food....but 1 day is enough.
Pictures from our trip might be here later, if not you'll have to wait till I get my PC in DK.....hmmmmmm 8,10, 12, 20 weeks from now?

Btw. our phone is also disconnected by know so if you need us, call on our mobiles or send an email :o)

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